The great outdoors

7 August 2020

The children are enjoying their new environment with room to run and explore and plenty of shade for sun safety.  The educators enjoy being able to use the outdoor spaces for meal times as well.

Healthy eating
Self help fruit time outdoors

Our new outdoor table has just arrived – handmade out of blackbutt timber, it is purpose built to seat 12 children comfortably!

Bespoke blackbutt table
Handmade blackbutt table for outdoor meals and activities.

What can you see through the oblong window?

The windows in our fence are a great opportunity for the children to see the world outside from a safe viewpoint.  Lots of discussions and learning opportunities arise as the educators join them to talk about what they can see.

Ready, Set, Play

24 July 2020

✨ Today we started to set up the play and learning spaces for our first fully renovated room – we began with home corner and the children’s art area. We are looking forward to finishing this room next week.

Wait till you see the children’s bathroom and nappy change! #kidscornerearlylearning #educationischildsplay #waterfordwest

Feel free to visit for a tour – no bookings necessary.  See our current enrolment promotion.

Home Corner
Home corner encourages imagination, creativity and role modelling.
Art, craft, creativity
Setting the scene for creativity through art and craft.

Pizza is a favourite

22 July 2020

Perfect Pizza
Living and learning through pizza.  Children’s creations.

Today the children took part in a cooking experience – they made pizza for afternoon tea. The children used their choice of fresh ingredients.

Each week we offer a different cooking experience, alternating the days so that all children are included.
How do cooking experiences enhance child development?
(Learning Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners – Early Years Learning Framework)
• Numeracy concepts – counting and measuring ingredients
• Fine motor skill development – using plastic knives, rolling dough with a rolling pin, patting brown sugar firmly into a measuring cup, spreading tomato paste, mashing fruit or potatoes, cutting herbs or vegetables.
• Sensory development – encouraging children to touch, smell and taste the ingredients. Research shows that memory recall is connected to our sense of smell – encourage children to smell fresh chopped herbs.
• Language and literacy – cooking offers the chance for educators to share new words with children. Melting, rolling, stirring, measuring. Children are also encouraged to practice identifying the words in recipes – such as eggs, flour, sugar, milk. Cooking experiences also encourage children to follow directions.
• Life skills – developing an understanding of the process, product and value of cooking. Through cooking children learn about healthy eating and nutrition.

Preparing our new Kindy room to open

On Monday 20 July, the truck arrived with two rooms of new furniture, and educational resources, including new home corner play items, maths, science and sequencing, puzzles, art and craft, felts, construction sets and big books to name just some of the items.

With another order arriving today from a different supplier, the new rooms will be choc-a-block full of exciting items to inspire play in our kindy children and toddlers.  Education is child’s play.

The new lockers are just begging to be filled with children’s items for each day of kindy at Kids Corner.

Educational toys and furniture
Excited to receive Kindy and Junior Kindy furniture and educational toys.
Parent and child friendly lockers
Space for everything in these new lockers. Staff, parents and children will love them.

Enrolment Incentive

16 July 2020

Contact us on 3805 1177 or to book a tour of our new facilities.  We are so sure you’ll love our service and our early childhood educators that we’re offering your *choice of bike or scooter for every child enrolled.
Our new opening hours are 7am-630pm
#kidscornerearlylearning #educationschildsplay #waterfordwest

Renovation News

15 July 2020

Our centre makeover is taking shape with Room 1 and playground part one scheduled to open Monday 27 July 2020.

Once the senior side of Kids Corner is completed with the second brand new learning room, kitchen and laundry, we will move on to the brand new Nursery (with own Prep and Cot rooms) and Toddler room with their own dedicated outdoor play space, sandpits, kitchens and climbing fort.

We will be organising some events shortly – keep an eye out for the invitations to join us as we show off these fabulous learning spaces.  Families who are interested in seeing what Kids Corner will be offering can book a tour with our centre manager Gemma via phone 07.3805 1177 or email

Here is a collage of the new areas created for our 3 – 5 year olds.  It will be shared by the Toddlers until their part of the playground, including designated fort, sandpit and kitchen is completed.

The yard looks a treat – even under construction!  We love that the children can feel like they’re a part of the community through the viewing windows in the fencing panels.  We also have a large open space which will be used for physical literacy activities that will enhance children’s gross motor and cognitive development as well as their language and social skills.