Learning about healthy lifestyles including nutrition, physical literacy, and the ability to relax is integral to wellbeing and self confidence at any age.

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Whole food nutrition builds strong young minds and bodies.  This is why Kids Corner provide meals prepared fresh by Kids Gourmet Food (KGF).  Their food is more costly than some other companies but the quality provided is outstanding value for money and you can't put a price on children's health! 

KGF's rotating menus provide a variety of wholesome food, no matter which day/s your child attends.  For more detail about their nutritious and versatile menus for growing bodies that also cater for children with allergies or special dietary needs read the introduction All about Kids Gourmet Foods.

At Kids Corner, children will be offered breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack on a daily basis. These meals are included as part of your everyday fees.

Healthy food
Healthy nutritious meals prepared by Kids Gourmet Foods - changing on a daily basis.


Every child is offered drinking water throughout the day to encourage healthy habits for holistic health.  We provide water bottles on enrolment and ask that they are clearly labelled with your child's name and brought to Kids Corner every day. 

We know the children love the nutritious foods offered in the KGF menus (example below) and the variety encourages them to explore new foods that they might not always try at home.

Healthy menu KGF
Example menu

Physical Literacy Activities

We offer children age appropriate physical environments where they can experiment with their physicality taking acceptable risks to extend their physical capabilities. We are also very aware of the guidelines for all children to have at least 60 minutes of activity every day in order to maintain healthy development.

Our links with new physical literacy programs based on worldwide research and guided by the University of Canberra will ensure that children’s physical skills are a key focus of Kids Corner.

It is well documented that physical development follows a prescribed pattern and children learn better when physical movement is a part of their daily learning.  The Australian Government publication about healthy eating and physical activity is a great resource for young families - Healthy Eating & Physical Activity - Australian Govt - Family Book_2020

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