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Kindergarten plays an important role in preparing children for school and easing their transition from child care to the school environment. We believe school readiness comes in many shapes and sizes. Supporting children's school readiness is about assisting them to develop their skills in areas such as literacy, numeracy and self care.  Our educators will encourage children to learn at their own pace, when they are ready, while supporting them to become confident learners and to love learning.

You can be confident of the educational values contained within our Early Years Learning Framework programs. Kids Corner employs experienced and qualified educators who are great communicators and understand the importance of developing transitions and routines, especially for children preparing to move into the larger school environment. Our playground is designed with a space for physical literacy planned activities to ensure that your child becomes competent and confident physically. 

Activities to increase children's daily movement and encourage resilience by having a go help to equip your child for school in every aspect of their development - and this is all included within our daily fees!  In fact we think physical literacy is so important, it is included in every daily care option that we offer whether you choose 8 hour days up to 11.5 hour days.

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